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I'm a music producer & songwriter with experience of developing audio for:
Recording artists for label release
Advertising and tv
Ident development 
Mixing for release 
Post production & editing


Having been signed to EMI in 2008 with band 'Royworld'. I have since written and recorded music for TV, Film and various Recording Artists. Over time I have worked with a variety of creatives and recorded and produced various genres of music. I am still passionate about music production and enjoy using my knowledge and experience to help showcase and develop new emerging artists. 

I firmly believe, you may have the 'best songs in the world' but without understanding how to put them together and a view for the 'end sound' you will struggle to realize the full potential of your music. It is with this ethos that I approach every project, aiming  to smplify productions, identifying the most important constituents of a track and ensuring they are the 'core' message for the audience. I am a multi-instrumentalist, love working with new people and always on the look out for energetic new talent. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to talk about music!
People I have worked with include:
EMI Music, Sony BMG, Unilever, The Darkness, Nik Kershaw, The Superphonics, Sparks, Mika, The Wombats, Spike Stent, Andy Green, Cenzo Townsend, Michael Brauer, Jack McManus, Joywride, Farra, Mark Charlesworth, Molly Warburton, Crovvds, Annalie Wilson, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Dead Dance, BBC, ITV2, Penguin Prison, Ollie Wride, Henry Galllagher, Paul Akister, Freddie Franklin, Alphabeat..
Some of my Work
Here are some of the Brands and Artists I have worked with
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I work between Bayswater & Clapham South in London
Telephone: 07456 55 99 79
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